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Matricaria Chamomilla

Chamomile is known scientifically as Matricaria Chamomilla is the wild type, while there is another type known as Anthemis nobelis and form different from the type I and both containing active substances or stakeholders.
Months longer, chamomile plants abdominal hardly ever missing from the home of our homes, Valle people come back as soon as they feel pain in the abdomen, colic was caused by or something else.
Part of the plant used chamomile flowers blooming.
What are the contents of the chamomile flowers?

- Contain flowers chamomile on volatile oil as a proportion of 1.5% of the flowers dry and extracted oil using the steam distillation and chamomile viscous liquid, heavy textures, color blue freezing cold in the degree of freezing with the smell of chamomile known and the most important contents of the volatile oil Alvabeissapoulo and Beissabol Oocazid A and Beissapoulol Ocazid B and Beissapulon Ocazid A and beta-Trans Farnsin and Kmasulin characterized this compound, turquoise blue, which gives color to the oil Alababobnj and Sbatolinol also contains flowers on Flavonnerat most important Flavon Gelakizoid and Ajlecon Egtin, and Ioteulen and Krizorieul and Flanonol Gelaikozyd and Koirstin and ISO Erhamtin and routine. It also contains the hydroxy Kumarin flowers and the most important vehicles Ampeleveron and Hernearin as well as fluid materials by 10%.

Energetic materials: containing 1% essential oil contains Alcamasulin Blue and others.

Actors are available in chamomile The article is an article Alozulin effective gain chamomile healing effect, and it properties, such as olive, which contains unsaturated fatty acids, many chemical familiarity, fast integration into other materials for the installation of useful materials from them. In order to differentiate between the substance of Alozulin in chamomile and Alozulin located in other plants, has been called a name Ozulin chamomile Ozulin Cham. A blue color and come out of chamomile tea-making if it or if the flowers were exposed to water vapor in the laboratory.

Medicinal properties:

- From the unique characteristics of chamomile having effect resistant to a dream alarming or nightmares in addition to being soothing the body and soul together, and so it is useful in cases of insomnia, depression and fear and psychological crises in general and which increase the opportunity of exposure to the occurrence of nightmares.

- Using powder flowers from abroad for the treatment of skin infections and wounds and sores in the mouth and inflammation of the nail.

And steam boiled flowers used for inhalation in the case of inflammation of the airways: the nose, throat and trachea.

- And using the emulsion flowers from abroad for eye wash affected Balrmd, and work to address the vaginal washing vaginal secretions white or foul, or skin abscesses in general. Where was sitting in a bathtub by these flowers to the fact that the disinfectant and kills fungus Candida .. It also kills bacteria cluster.

And boiled chamomile is useful for cases of digestive disorders, antispasmodic and antipyretic.

Chamomile is used in cosmetic medicine.

- Chamomile can work to heal infections. Vchwi chamomile compresses, for example skin infections quickly, and chamomile can also function the same as the action of antibiotics in curing infections. If any of it to boil and inhaled person, able to remove the inflammation of nasal and its inlets frontal quickly, and that eliminates all bacteria present in the short term.

- Chamomile and helps to raise the reactions taking place in the stomach, and other parts of the digestive system, and removes cramps of the stomach and intestines and sometimes bitter. Moreover, he could ease the pain of menstruation.

- Chamomile also helps to heal the wounds not healed quickly, and especially in those parts of the body that it becomes difficult to heal the wounds which, Kalksm lower leg. Here can heal the wounds chamomile compresses or ointments vehicle from it, Vtendml shortly. Chamomile is also working on healing of ulcers infectious diseases.

- Chamomile improves the immune system and works to increase white blood cells.

Animal in ancient medicine

Said by Ibn Sina:

Chamomile: essence: hashish colors from yellow flowers, and from him Abeidah Vrverip is known to preserve the paper and a flower that makes the pills and native dried and preserved. Galen said: It is close to the power of the roses in the amenities, but warm and heat the oil temperature appropriate and grows in places rough and close to the party and take off in the spring and collects. tumors and warts: live tumor Barkaih warm and analysis and unrelenting Asalabat conditions as that are not too drunk to tumors guts condensing.

Joints: expansion loosens and strengthens the nervous all members of a most useful medicine for fatigue more than anything else, because like a warm temperature of the animal.

Members of the Cape: tonic for the brain is useful from headaches cold and removing harmful substances the head because he analyzes without attracting and this is subtracted, repair castles. Members of the Eye: Liberian West exploding dressings as well as the benefit of ophthalmology, turbidity and pimples, itching, pain, scabies dressings. Aedaoualsdr: easy blowing.

Aedah Alinvd: generates urine and out of the stone, especially Alvrveri cast him and chamomile Tkmad by bladder pain and cold hot and generates the menstrual drink and sitting in a hundred and come out the fetus and placenta diets: Eetmrk painting the in the dietary department and drink for fevers obsolete in the last of the benefit in all virus non-acute, The tumor is hot in the guts that he had gripped the maturity and may benefit if the tumor were not hot and was Ndijp.
- Ibn al-Bitar: at the University "chamomile benefit from fatigue more than each drug, and calms the pain and loosen the members of the expanding and unrelenting solid objects if they were not solidity and many rarefied things heavy going diets which are tumor viscera. Irrigated Tbejh inflatable colon and fit in liver enzymes, diuretic useful headaches cold

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